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  -Our Story-

    We Started our company in 1967 with the Special Name


and from last 5 decades, we are producing Hand-Woven Textile Products  

#Roll Carpets#Rugs#Cushions#Dhurries#Poufs#Pillows#Wallhangings#Placemats#loombathmats#

in different Quality of yarn i.e. Pet yarn, Cotton, Polyster, Jute, Sisal, Hemp, Wool, Micro polyster, Recycled Yarn Rug and many more                           

    We have In-house production with 75 Looms 

Rug Width :- 12 inches width upto 192″ inches width

Rug Length :- 12 inches length upto 1200 inches length

Our Innovative Design Development, Diverse weaving skills, Consistent Performance,
Reliable Quality ,Timely Delivery Makes Us 

One Of The Best Producers Of Woven Products In India. 

Mr. Sudhir Jain

Mr. Sudhir Jain


Mr. Apurav Jain

Mr. Apurav Jain

Managing Director/Marketing Head


We Promise To Give Our

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